Your First Steps


Your First Steps Are Simple

Six simple steps can get you started on the right track:

  1. Set the ground rules and develop a plan of action as soon as possible. Strategic planning and goal-setting are imperative to your success as a Bar Leader. Make certain your members have a clear picture of their purpose; the structure of the Division, Section or Committee; the boundaries of individual authority within the Division, Section or Committee and the resources available to them. If you are chairing a Section, make sure that the Section’s By-laws are up to date.

  2. Set a definite timetable to carry out your programs and events. Utilize the professional meeting and event staff at the Association to plan and organize events as early as possible.

  3. Collaborate and Act. Move to carry out your plans and involve as many members and other Division, Sections and Committees in the process as possible. Know the leadership of the Young Lawyers Division, Sections and Committees and work together as often as possible to present joint programs and events.

  4. Delegate Responsibilities. Ask a member to be responsible for communications, a member to be responsible for initiating and developing ideas for service and pro bono projects, a member to be responsible for CLE planning, and a member to be responsible for attracting and increasing membership in your group. Consider delegating responsibilities for events and programs to members.

  5. Cultivate Future Bar Leaders. Identify members who are interested in organizing events and programs, oversee their work, and connect them with Bar leaders who can appoint them to leadership positions or encourage them to run for a Bar office.

  6. Review Your Webpage. Review your Section/Committee webpage on the Association’s website before February 1, 2018 and contact Wes Terry at regarding changes that need to be made to the Webpage.

Making a positive start will go a long way toward having a productive year for your group. Any time you have a question or need help that is not covered in this Resource Guide, simply call the Association’s professional staff for assistance.

 Handbook updated as of November 28, 2018.

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