Scheduling Meetings & Special Events


Please contact the Meetings Department for assistance with all of your meeting needs both onsite and offsite as it relates to the Philadelphia Bar Association. Our staff will handle venue recommendations, contract bookings, food/beverage needs and A/V requests. All contract negotiations must be handled through the Meetings Department.

Section and Committee Onsite Meetings

Onsite meetings are held at the Bar Association’s headquarters at 1101 Market Street. We encourage Section and Committees to host your meetings at our headquarters. Rooms and food service can be reserved and arranged for groups up to 100 people depending on availability. Bar Association Sections and Committees have first priority on the use of our meeting rooms; however, rooms should be reserved as soon as possible since these rooms are in high demand and our schedule fills up quickly.

To schedule a meeting at the Bar Association please contact Dawn Petit, Meetings Coordinator, at or  (215) 238-6367. You will be asked to detail your specific needs (food, audio visual needs, number of expected guests, etc.). Should you choose to host a meeting outside of the Association’s Headquarters, you will still need to contact the Meetings Department to check for conflicting events and to have it added to the Association’s website calendar. This will help avoid conflicts between events that might otherwise compete for attendees and keep members and Bar leaders informed of your meetings.

We recommend that all Section and Committee chairs send Dawn Petit a list of tentative dates your Section or Committee would like to host at the Association for the entire year so that she can immediately put them on our calendar and advise you well in advance if there are any meeting conflicts. We will hold dates for your Section or Committee while you are in the process of finalizing your program. However, demand for use of Bar Association meeting space is high. If we have a request for your booked date, we will notify you and you will be required to confirm the reservation within 48 hours or your reservation hold will be released.

New Pricing

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, non-members attending any non-CLE program at the Philadelphia Bar Association will be required to pay a fee of $20. The fee will also cover any meals that are offered during that program. Members will still be able to attend all programs free of charge, and meals and refreshments offered at lunch and evening programs will cost them $10. Breakfast is complimentary for members.

Special Events and Offsite Meetings

Special events and offsite bookings can be arranged through Tracey McCloskey, Director of Meetings & Special Events at  (215) 238-6360 or The Bar Association works with various vendors throughout the year and due to the quantity of work we generate, these vendors are able to provide us with the most competitive prices possible. All contracts with outside vendors must be arranged through the Meetings and Special Events Department.


Pursuant to the Association’s Finance Policy and Procedures, all contractual relationships, particularly as they relate to outside facilities, catering, etc., must be approved and signed by the Executive Director of the Bar Association. Under no circumstances may members obligate the Association without prior notification and consent of the Executive Director. These requirements protect both our members and the Association in the event that functions must be canceled or changed in any way.

Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Board of Governors, the Bar Association and its Sections and Committees are prohibited from holding any Bar Association-sponsored event at institutions that discriminate on any basis with regard to their membership policies.

Should you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact Tracey McCloskey, Director of Meetings & Special Events, at or  (215) 238-6360.

 Handbook updated as of November 28, 2018.

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