Reimbursement Policy


Association Guests

Association guests are those persons who are invited by the Chancellor or Board of Governors to attend Association meetings or functions, as guests of the Association.

  1. These individuals shall be reimbursed or have their expenses paid for the entire duration of the meeting attended, or for any portion of the meeting as may be deemed appropriate by the Chancellor, the Board of Governors or its appointed representative.
  2. Reimbursement must be requested and approved in advance of the event for: transportation, including mileage at the Association's then prevailing rate for automobile use; lodging at the applicable rate, and meals at the Association's then prevailing allotment.
  3. Reimbursement shall be made upon written request of the individual guests and should be accompanied by original receipts.
  4. All payment requests must be submitted to the Philadelphia Bar Association's Accounts Payable department within 60 days of the date the expenditure is incurred, except for a December expenditure which must be submitted by January 31st of the following year. Any payment requests not submitted within this time frame may be denied for payment by the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Non-member Speakers, Panelists and Other Guests

  1. Section and Committee chairs may invite local guest speakers to make presentations at their meetings.
  2. Speakers, panelists and other guests may be reimbursed for:
    1. Local travel expenses and/or mileage and parking;
    2. Meals which are part of the meeting or event.

Member Speakers and Panelists

  1. Members of the Association and individuals who are eligible for active membership who participate as panelists or speakers at programs sponsored by Sections and Committees will be required to pay the applicable registration fee, if any, unless their participation is limited to appearing on a specific program. The Executive Director shall determine in what instances any waiver of registration fees shall occur.
  2. Committee chairs are expected to pay for their meals at Committee meetings, just as other Committee members must pay for meals provided by the Association. Sections are free to set their own policies regarding the charge to Section members, if any, for meals provided at Section events by the Association.

Payment Request

Purpose Statement

It is the policy of the Philadelphia Bar Association (BAR) to reimburse Section vendors or individuals for expenses incurred on behalf of the Section from the Section’s dues account. Such expenses shall not be inconsistent with the Policies and Procedures of the Association. Any expenditure over $5,000 must be reviewed by the Associations Finance Committee, other than budgeted/recurring items.

The following are examples of expenses incurred by a Section that are reimbursable:

  • Meeting Expenses, i.e. for monthly Section meetings at a law firm
  • Travel Expenses, i.e. flight, hotel stay, meals for the ABA meeting

Certain expenses that are incurred while traveling for the Section may not be reimbursable. The following are some examples of expenses that are not reimbursable:

  • In-room movies at a hotel
  • Tickets to a show while traveling for business
  • Tickets to an amusement park while traveling for business
  • Alcohol Beverages


  1. A request must be submitted to the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Finance Department to the Attention of the Accounts Payable department.
  2. The Section Treasurer, Chair or Co-Chair of the Section must approve the request and submit the request for payment.
  3. The request must include a letter detailing the expenditure, the authorized reimbursement amount of the expenditure, the original documentation to support the expenditure and an original approval signature of the Section Treasurer, Chair or Co-Chair.
  4. Upon receipt of the appropriate documentation, the Accounts Payable department will process the request for payment. All requests with the appropriate documentation will be processed within 5 working days from receipt in the Accounts Payable department.
  5. A BAR check is cut for the approved amount and the expense is charged to the appropriate Section accordingly.

 Handbook updated as of November 28, 2018.

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