Sections keep Association members abreast of developments in substantive areas of law. The current Sections of the Bar Association are:

  • Business Law Section
  • Criminal Justice Section
  • Family Law Section
  • Probate and Trust Law Section
  • Public Interest Section
  • Real Property Section
  • State Civil Litigation Section
  • Tax Section
  • Workers' Compensation Section

Membership in Sections is open to all regular members of the Association upon payment of Section dues as outlined in the Bylaws of each Section.

Within the Bar Association, Sections have their own committees. They elect their own officers, appoint their own committee chairs, choose their own areas of activity and fund their own activities via the collection of individual Section dues and solicitation of sponsorships. They have their own Bylaws that define their purpose and structure. You should familiarize yourself with and adhere to those Bylaws, and consider whether any modifications to the Bylaws need to be made. Your Section has established web pages on the Bar Association's website ( Visit your web pages, , make sure they are updated in a timely manner, and encourage your members and prospective members to visit the Section's page as well.

While each Section maintains a degree of autonomy, Section business must be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association. In certain instances, approval of the Board of Governors may be required. Article IX of the Association's Bylaws clearly lists the requirements for the establishment of Sections and the conduct of Section business.

Financial statements are distributed to Section Leadership on a monthly basis.  If there are questions regarding a Section’s financial statement, please contact Susan Knight at or at (215) 238-6325.

 Handbook updated as of November 28, 2018.

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